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How do you actually choose the niches that matter most? MarketTapp, in collaboration with premium data giant SEMRush, provides you with accurate monthly search volume, estimated CPC value, competition ratio, and number of competing results.

This allows you to weed out the impossibly difficult keywords, to focus on phrases you can actually dominate with little effort.


Don't make the mistake of thinking that Keyword Data is only for search engine optimization...

Keyword Analysis, especially when you're exploring a new niche or expanding into an existing one, is a truly valuable way to peer into the minds of your target audience.

Too often -- and too late -- is the situation where a marketer gets all excited about a niche topic...

...only to find out that there's not enough interest in that topic to generate traffic to make sales.

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Are you using Google to find the most popular, most current content?

Yeah, I used to do that too.

There's a big problem with Google -- its results are based on a dense algorithm...

That algorithm does not measure, on an hourly basis, what is actually hot and trending...which puts you at a huge disadvantage!

But with MarketTapp, in collaboration with BuzzSumo, you can now have the web's hottest, juiciest, most shared, most commented-on, most trending content on ANY niche topic!

Select the Data Plan That's Right For You & Your Budget


$29 / month
Normally $69/mo
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500 Content Searches

2,500 Keywords Analyzed

Rollover Data Credits

MarketTapp - Basic (Content Discovery & Data Plan)


$49 / month
Normally $99/mo
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1,500 Content Searches

7,500 Keywords Analyzed

Rollover Data Credits

MarketTapp - Plus (Content Discovery & Data Plan)


$69 / month
Normally $129/mo
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4,500 Content Searches

20,000 Keywords Analyzed

Rollover Data Credits

MarketTapp - Premium (Content Discovery & Data Plan)

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


How does the Rollover Plan work?

Each month, like clockwork, we'll deposit fresh credits into your MarketTapp account. Any unused credits from the previous month will stay in your account. It's not a "use or lose" program we're running here! As long as you remain a paying Data Customer, you will have access to all your unused credits, to use as you like.


Why are you charging for this?

I'm glad you asked! As much as I'd like to give you this data free of charge forever, this is premium data from two of the largest online data providers. I have to pass on the cost to those who participate. But the good news is this: It's cheaper for you to get this data via MarketTapp and to purchase it separately from BuzzSumo and SEMRush!


What if I run out of credits or need more credits?

That's easy. You can purchase additional credits at a reduced rate (member's only), or we can upgrade you to a higher credit plan. Just contact us and we'll work out the very best deal for you!


Can't I just purchase this data separately?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can get a little of this information for free from SEMRush and BuzzSumo. It's their way of getting you as a paying customer. They withhold most of their data -- not us!

No thanks, Bill. I don't want any data credits.